EduVale Tools

Transforming the education data into smart decision-making tools.

The Tools Include:

  • College Recommendation System
  • College Predictors
  • Rank Predictor
  • College Directory

Many private websites that are currently making these types of tools are biassed toward some particular colleges.

Most of the data was found to be inaccurate. The student who has recently completed his/her intermediate/diploma will be looking for colleges based on his/her rank in the respective CET.

My website helped many students by suggesting colleges according to their rank, locality, and fees that they can afford. Recently (May 2022), the tools have reached around 6 million views, and around 300,000 users.

And the best part is that there won’t be a single promotion or advertisement on the website. I am not expecting anything from students; it’s just a free service dedicated to students. Many reported that the website was useful.

Feedback Portal (Anonymous Complain System)

It is a web application that serves as an anonymous feedback portal at the organization level using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. The main intention of this project is that the Employees/Students can express themselves freely and provide valuable insights to their organizations.

ZO3 Tech android application

developed an Android application that serves users with the latest technology-related news and other info related to IT. This app is built using Android Studio, where the content is fetched using REST-API through the website