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Bhargava Takkars

Tech fervent with sagacious perception


bhargava sharma takkars


Tech fervent with a sagacious perception.

First off, thanks for stopping by my page! I’m a Web Designer. I love to discuss all kinds of topics but prefer the design & server-side.

I encourage you to browse around my page, scan this site, and see what I’ve done already and what I am going to do. My experience from college/school, especially the internet has helped me develop and grow into the person I am today. I am very curious, I’m constantly learning new things.

My aim is to carry out research and development activities as an active student by seeking a challenging and growth-oriented career where I can fully utilize my skills and available resources with the opportunity to grow and prove to be an asset to the organization and the society.




Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology , Hyderabad

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

07/2019 - current

Pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering with a GPA of 8.2.

Government Polytechnic College , Warangal

Diploma in Computer Engineering

06/2016 - 05/2019

Completed a Diploma in Computer Engineering with 81%.
3 Years of diploma made me learn a lot of things in designing and development fields.

Pathfinder High School, Hanamkonda Warangal

Secondary School

06/2010 - 04/2016

Completed High School education with a GPA of 8.8.
I’ve learned things that motivated me to choose the Development field.

Extracurricular activities / Experience / Exposure

12/2019 - current

SRiX helps startups build innovative products using hardware and software technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, and Data Analytics in the strategic areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment & Education by providing Maker Spaces, Technology Innovation Labs, Business Incubation, and market access with a Go-To-Market strategy.



Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship

07/2020 - 08/2020

In this Internship I have analyzed customer and transactions data of a medium-size bikes & cycling accessories organization and generated a Solution to increase sales which includes three major tasks :

  • Data Quality Assessment: Assessment of data quality and completeness in preparation for analysis
  • Data Insights: Targeting high-value customers based on customer demographics and attributes.
  • Data Insights and Presentation: Using visualizations to present insights

Certificate ID :  Qda3LvqxwsxZ3q9Fz

11/2018 - 05/2019

As part of our curriculum(diploma), I have undergone 6 months of industrial training as a Web & Android Developer and learned a lot of new things by being part of projects. 

ZO3 Pvt. Ltd.

Founder - Designer - Developer

12/2017 - 01/2019

ZO3 is a publishing company that has tons of articles related to Technology, Lifestyle. Have developed Team coordination, Leadership qualities, Designed, Developed & Managed websites.

The sites include:

  • ZO3 Tech (tech blog which contains the latest tech news for techies)
  • ZO3 Blog ( contains articles of categories such as political, travel, life hacks)
  • PubgGa.me ( Pubg site dedicated to players )

Programming & Other Skills

Designing Skills
Adobe XD35
Adobe Photoshop45
Adobe Illustrator20



TS(Telangana State) ECET, EAMCET, ICET 2019 College Predictor [June 2019]

Developed this tool using JavaScript, Php, MySQL(HTML-CSS) with user-friendly UX to predict college based on their CET(Common Entrance Test)s rank.  CETs including TS EAMCET, ECET, ICET. This tool has been used by 40k+ students as of August 2019.

TS and AP Diploma Percentage Calculator [May 2019]

Developed a web-based tool using Javascript,(HTML-CSS) with user-friendly UX for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh diploma students to calculate their aggregate percentage. As per Google Analytics reports, the website has over 40k+ users & 105k+ views [as of July 2019].

Feedback Portal (Anonymous Complain System) [ Oct 2018] 

It is a web application that serves as an anonymous feedback portal at the organization level using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL. The main intention of this project is that the Employees/Students can express themselves freely and provide valuable insights to their organizations.

ZO3 Tech android application [ July 2018 ]

Developed an Android application that serves the users with the latest technology-related news and other info related to IT. This app is build using Android Studio, where the content is fetched using REST-API through the website www.zo3.tech. the app is live on play store and available for the download.


via online MOOCs


  • Using Python for Research (ID: 9d8782595ebb452aa74926002dc12711) by Havard University via Edx
  • Number Theory and Cryptography (ID: R7F7DMAA737A) by University of California San Diego via Coursera
  • C++ For C Programmers (ID: H2S99PCBYVMH) –  by University of California, Santa Cruz via Coursera 
  • Introduction to Cloud Identity (ID: 3CT6WBG8ZZRQ) –  by Google Cloud via Coursera 
  • Data Science Math Skills (ID: GJJ9U8SEQMZN) – Duke University via Coursera 
  • Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning (ID: 7ALN82WDRZRH) –  by Amazon Web Services via Coursera 
  • Machine Learning for Business Professionals (ID: H2S99PCBYVMH) – by Google Cloud via Coursera 
  • Computer Vision Basics (ID: NTKKCNYFNZML) – by University at Buffalo & The State University of New York via Coursera
  • Introduction to Programming with MATLAB (ID: 8NUYHTHM9RPB) – by Vanderbilt University  via Coursera



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